Kobayashi medium grit natural sharpening stone


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Technical specification:


Thickness: 50 mm

Width: 70 mm

Length: 205 mm

Weight: 1765 g

Grit size estimated 1000-1500 grit


Natural sharpening stones have been around since the beginning of tool making and the only sharpening option until man made stones where invented.  They come in coarse, medium and fine granularity.

Nataural stone behave diffrent in the way the longer you sharpen the smaller the disloged granules become. Having different sized granules on the sharpening surfaces leaves an uneven serations at the edge surface.

This creates superior edges especially to fine grained steels.





In most occasions medium grit stones are the start point to sharpen knives. Course enough to grind off a blunt edge and to bring out a V shaped edge


This stone needs 10min soaking time before use. It is also wise to splash little amounts of water while sharpening to keep a consitent slurry.

Don’t leave the stones in water for long periods of time. When finished sharpening leave them to air dry away from harsh sun light.


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