Murata Buho Nakiri




Nakiri knives are chopping style vegetable specific knives

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Murata Buho Nakiri Japanese knife




Technical specification:


Steel: blue 1 steel at 61-63 HRC

Length: 165mm blade length

Height: 40mm blade height at the heel

Weight: 100g

Handle size: 125 mm




Takeo Murata san is a blade smith from Koichi Japan and specialises in making the blue steel knives with the traditional Korouchi finish.

The Murata Buho line is a great introduction knife to Japanese knives.

Get the traditional looks and enjoy the sharpness that blue 1 carbon steel offers.


Nakiri is a vegetable specific knife that lends itself to chopping style cutting.

Craftfully forged into this beautiful Korouchi finished blade with a nice Hammon line.

These knives are made from carbon steel , they need to be rinsed and wiped down to avoid rusting.


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