Terayusu Fujiwara Nashiji 210 mm Gyuto


Summary :

Terayusu is the 4 th succesor of the Fujiwara family business.

His approach to knife making is to use traditional skills of katana forging and apply them to knife making.

His aim is to produce exceptional and inspirational blades that touches the heart of the users.

He is confident that his products will impress the user especially in terms of sharpness.

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Technical specification:


Steel: White number 1 at 62-63 HRC

Length: 210mm blade length

Height: 45mm blade height at the heel

Weight: 140g

Handle size: oval rosewood 130 mm


Description :

Fujawara Nashiji chefs knife is beautifully crafted,carefully forged and heat treated to give the best cutting performance.

Made from White 1 steel which is not so frequenlty used as white 2 steel.



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