Tsunehisa AS (Aogami super steel ) Santoku


New on offer is this Tsunehisa AS Santoku knife , A super steal ? Yes & Yes.

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Tsunehisa Nakiri


blade length: 165mm

blade height: 50 mm

ground: 50/50 Symetric

weight: 150 g

handle length: 120 mm

steel type: Aogami super steel




Tsunehisa is a great brand also known as Haruyuki.

New on offer is this Tsunehisa AS Santoku, a super steel Santoku at this price is a steal. Usually knife made with this type of steel priced a lot more expensive.

The looks of this Tsunhisa AS knife don’t disappoint either with the hammer finish look, contrasting knife handle and satined and polished effect on the primary bevel. This would make a great knife as a gift.

Tsunehisa is well known for its excellent knives where the SRS15 steel knives stand out.  This Tsuneshisa AS is no exception.





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