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Artisan Knives offer traditional Japanese knife sharpening. Our prices are based on the size of the knife.

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 Knife sharpening service Auckland New Zealand


Artisan Knives offer traditional Japanese knife sharpening.

These techniques were learnt in person from a master knife sharpener in Japan.

We sharpen by hand using whetstones. By doing this the temper stays intact as the blades stay cool.  We create a new edges with minimal material removal.  I refine the edge trough a progression of sharpening stones selected to get the best results for the knife to be sharpened.  Due to the unique Japanese techniques I have learnt, your knife will have good cutting performance and durability of the edge.  Sharpening by hand on whetstones removes the least amount of steel necessary. By not choosing for fast grinding sharpening equipment, expensive knives will last longer and require thinning less often.  As a Chef I know how important it is to have a high performing blade edge that lasts and cuts like it came fresh out of the box.


I endeavour to sharpen your knives in less than 24 hours when dropped of or shipped in. During our opening hours you could also make an appointment to bring in knives and have them sharpened while you wait.

When you ship in the knives please pack them carefully to avoid injuring the people handling your parcel. If you have a Trade me account you can organise you parcel to be picked up from home by a courier driver. Pricing is better than the going to the post office.

Organise the courier pick up from your my trade Tab when logged in to TM website.



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