large combination sharpening stone 280-1000




Combination stone 1000 – 3000 grit.

1 stone to to standard sharpening proces.

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Combination sharpening stone



Technical specs:


Length: 180 mm

Width: 60 mm

Thickness: 30 mm

weight: 664 gm

Grit size: 280 – 1000




Suehiro combination sharpening stone made in Japan.

The ideal sharpening stone for a beginner or enthusiast who sharpens occasionally. this is what I recommend for stainless knives that make up for the bulk of knives fund in every kitchen. The coarser grits found on this stone will work better with the stainless steel properties.

Use the blue 280 grit side for dull knives. This side is coarse enough to put a fresh edge on any knife. It works fast and is excellent for grinding out damage on edges.

Use the beige 1000 size to refine the edge to a useable cutting edge. This will leave a nicely toothed edge to cut trough vegetables.

These stones are well rated as they cut fast, give good feedback and has a uniform grain size.


Care tips for sharpening stones:


  • Soak stones in water 5 minutes prior to use.
  • Never leave stones or extended periods in water.
  • After use leave them to air dry out of the direct sunlight.
  • The stones are water stones. Water is the only means of lubrication while sharpening.
  • Do not use oil for lubrication on these stones.



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