Tsunehisa 210 mm Gyuto


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Technical Information

Blade length: 210 mm

Blade Height: 45 mm

Handle: brown and Black pack wood western style

Steel: ZA 18 Stainless steel with Damascus cladding

Weight: 186 g




This Tsunehisa Gyuto is made from not so common ZA 18 Stainless steel.  The steel is very similar to VG10. It has higher carbon, chromium and cobalt than VG10.

it has similar chemical composition to the VG10, but contains higher Carbon (1.20 vs. 1.05), Chromium (18.0 vs. 15.5), Molybdenum (1.5- vs. 1.20) and Cobalt (1.80 vs. 1.50) for added hardness, durability and corrosion resistance.

The cladding is made from mirror finished Damascus steel. 50/50 ground Bevels.






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