Yu Kurosaki Gekko 210 mm Gyuto


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Yu Kurosaki Gekko 210 mm Gyuto



Technical description


Steel: HAP 40 semi stainless steel

HRC: 63-65

Blade length: 210 mm

Blade Height: 50 mm

weight:155 g


Handle material: Japanese oak


Truly a special knife from master craftsmen Yu Kurosaki the 210 mm Gekko. The material used is HAP 40 with exceptional edge retention.

The steel is high speed steel but then of the best kind. This will hold an edge very longer than other steels but on par with ZDP189.

A Japanese oak with traditional Uroshi lacquering complements the knife.

The steel is semi stainless so don’t forget to rinse and dry after every to avoid tarnishing.




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