Shinkei Jime



Shinkeijime spike from Lumenica corporation Japan.


The ike jime spike is not new to New Zealand, it offers instant and humane way of killing live fish. As far as I know the shinkei jime is previously not available in New Zealand. The shinkei jime takes the concept of ike jime further as it has a stainless steel cable that feeds trough the spike into the spinal cord of the fish and severes the spinal cord.

This stops nerves contractions in the body of the fish, the muscles relaxes and blood does not go down into the meat.


Shinkei jime together with deep chilling in ice slurry and proper bleeding of the fish.

Will optimises the eating quality and starts the creation of umami flavour in the flesh.


If you eat the fish raw or cooked both ways will benefit from this method of preservation.


The Lumica corporation is well known in Japan for producing fishing lures and glow sticks for nighttime fishing.


Some further explanation about Shinkei and Ike Jime

How to Shinkei Jime



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