Masakage Yuki Suhijiki 270mm


This knife is handmade by Kato san, a blacksmith with over 50yrs experience from Takefu Knife Village.

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Masakage Yuki Suhijiki

Technical specification:

  • Steel: White number 2 at 62-63 HRC
  • Length: 270mm blade length
  • Height: 45mm blade height at the heel
  • Weight: 150g
  • Handle size: 140mm


This knife is handmade by Yoshimi Kato san, knife maker from Takefu Knife Village.

The blade is made out of white number 2 carbon steel. This steel excels at having the sharpest edge and has a smooth cutting performance. It is easy to sharpen, so if you want to learn sharpening this is the steel of choice.

  • The Suhijiki (slicing knife) has a long narrow blade. This allows you to do a one-draw cut which gives you the perfect slice.
  • This makes it ideal for carving roasts, ham and smoked salmon.


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