Deba 210mm


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White steel Deba

Technical spec:

Steel: white 2 carbon steel

Blade Length: 210mm

Blade height: 65mm

Weight: 625g

Spine thickness: 10mm

Handle: bespoke ebony and buffalo octagonal handle

Right hand bevel knife for right handed users only!


Large Deba Knife for filleting lager species of fish such as Tuna,Groper or Kingfish.

The blade is made from white carbon steel forged to softer cladding steel. Good maintenance and care is required to keep this knife rust free. The knife will reward you with superior sharpness due to the single bevel design and high carbon steel make up.

This ensures precision in filleting fish and cleaner cuts and less wastage.

Please treat the knife carefully as it has little steel behind the edge to resist impacts.

Deba knives are also great at breaking down whole chicken as long as you cut the joints rather that cutting trough bones.

This knife is only for right handed users as the bevel is on the right hand side.

If you are left handed you need a left hand forged deba knife. These can be difficult to source contact me if you want one.


If you want more information on techniques and usage deba knives, this book is a good source of information.







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