Takamura Gyuto 210mm


Handmade by the Takamura family, a father and 3 sons.

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Takamura R2 Gyuto 210 mm Japanese knife

Technical specification:

  • Steel: R2 powered stainless steel at 63-64 HRC
  • Length: 215mm blade length
  • Height: 46.5mm blade height at the heel
  • Weight: 160g


Handmade by the Takamura family, a father and 3 sons.

Takamura pride themselves in pioneering and mastering R2 like nobody else.

R2 is a high tech powdered stainless steel made by Takefu Specialty Steel. It has a high toughness and excellent corrosion resistance.

The performance of this knife stems out of use of quality steel, forging excellence and the finest sharpening skills.

  • Finished with a red pakka western handle.
  • Many top chefs around the world use these knives daily in the most demanding circumstances.
  • Gyuto means cow/beef sword in Japanese but is definitely more than that.
  • The Gyuto is an all-purpose knife, and a must for every chef.
  • This knife shape is similar to the chefs knife style.
  • R2 steel has a combination of high carbon content and stainless quality




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