Takamura Gyuto 210mm

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Handmade by the Takamura family, a father and 3 sons.

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Takamura R2 Gyuto 210 mm Japanese knife

Technical specification:

  • Steel: R2 powered stainless steel at 63-64 HRC
  • Length: 215mm blade length
  • Height: 46.5mm blade height at the heel
  • Weight: 160g


Handmade by the Takamura family, a father and 3 sons.

Takamura pride themselves in pioneering and mastering R2 like nobody else.

R2 is a high tech powdered stainless steel made by Takefu Specialty Steel. It has a high toughness and excellent corrosion resistance.

The performance of this knife stems out of use of quality steel, forging excellence and the finest sharpening skills.

  • Finished with a red pakka western handle.
  • Many top chefs around the world use these knives daily in the most demanding circumstances.
  • Gyuto means cow/beef sword in Japanese but is definitely more than that.
  • The Gyuto is an all-purpose knife, and a must for every chef.
  • This knife shape is similar to the chefs knife style.
  • R2 steel has a combination of high carbon content and stainless quality



1 review for Takamura Gyuto 210mm

  1. Rhys McPherson (verified owner)

    I’m a Home cook, looking for my first serious knife. After talking to Tom, He recommended this knife and it is a stunner.
    The Gyuto Is basically a Japanese chef knife and basically it great all-round knife, if you are used to a Western Chef knife this is a easy swap from those knifes. Honestly this knife and my pairing knives does 95% of the work at home.
    it is a larger knife but it is Surprisingly thin and light and Razor sharp out of box. After a month of home use it seems to hold the edge well.
    Compared to European knifes it cuts through everything much easier, but with all Japanese knifes would be careful around bones and hard objects to look after the edge and prevent chipping. This is for all good practice for all Japanese knifes, so I can’t really call this a negative.
    I prefer the western handle due to the longer Tang (it makes them a little more robust) compared to a Asian handle but that is personal preference, so just see what fits you better and your Cutting style.
    so Overall I’m really impressed after one month of home use. I’m slowly trusting myself more and more and it a rewarding knife to use.
    For the home cooks like me Stainless is the way to go, Much more forgiving, Especially with Flatmates who don’t wipe the blade straight away after cutting lemons…
    Only advice I would give is to try the Shorter Santoku as well as well and see what best for you, Smaller hands might find that more manageable (female flatmate words), but for me this is my go to knife

    • Tom Belien

      Thanks Rhys! I can agree with your expiriences.

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