Knife handle repair

This is a question I get asked a lot and most of the time I can’t help people out when they have a Western knife with a broken handle. It is good to know how to care for your knife even if it is good shape.

The problem starts when users put there knife in the dishwasher and let it go trough an hot dishwasher cycle. The handle will not come off straight away but slowly it will deteriorate over hundreds of cycles. It usually ends with the scales cracking or breaking and falling off the knife. Rivets might get loose.

When a handle needs replacement it is really expensive maybe more then the cost of the knife.

The manufactures of Western knives do not offer replacement scales. The only route go down are hand made replacement scales. A couple hours of work, materials and sundries will quickly add up to $200 – 300.

If you have a Japanese style handle this is a lot easier to replace. Replacements are readily available, come in different styles and sizes. Most people know you can’t risk dishwashing a Japanese style knife as this will ruin the handle only after being put trough the dishwasher once.

My advice is to wash any knife by hand. This will avoid getting the handle broken or discoloured from the heat, water and detergents that you get with dishwashing. Another benefit is that the edge will last longer as the heat is not good for the sharpness of the blade.

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