Knife sharpening by hand - Artisan Knives

Orakei Bay Village sharpening pop up store

Good news for foodies who want to use the best knives !


Artisan knives will have a sharpening Pop up store In Orakei Bay Village!


For the last two weeks I will be there daily from 10 Am to 4 Pm until 24 th december 2017,after this date will be back in Glen Innes until further notice.

This will commence from 11 th of March.

We have our spot across from Farro’s entrance.

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Idahahone ceramic honing rod - Artisan Knives

Sharpening stone vs honing rod

Sharpening stone vs honing rod

 What is the difference and when to use them?

There is a lot of misunderstanding around the use of a honing rod.

One of the misconceptions is that a honing rod will sharpen a blade.

The honing rod will realign the edge of the blade while a sharpening stone will remove steel and create a new edge out freshly exposed steel.

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Japanese chef knives and knife sharpening shop in Auckland

We are excited to announce an expansion of our operations with a physical shop dedicated to traditional handmade Japanese chef knives, knife sharpening service, sharpening stones and accessories. This store will be a unique addition to the Auckland kitchenware scene and will complement our existing knife sharpening services.

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Share a knife donation project


I found this honourable project recently on social media and i feel that it needs your attention.

Please help ambassador William and NZ chefs association to donate and make a difference for young chefs so they can achieve their goals.

I want to share the email he send out.


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Traditional Japanese Knives

The Story Behind Artisan Knives

Being a Chef I came across the prestige Japanese brand Masakage and I purchased their handmade gyuto knife. It stood out to be the best in the market to me because you can see that the bladesmith who made this knife placed their soul into it.

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