Knife handle repair

Lately the is a bigger demand from customers for knife handle repair or replace their knife handle. it is usually for a knife the have had a long time and also of sentimental value. They want to have it repaired even if it costs a bit.

Knife scales for a Western knife are not available off the shelf. That means they have to be custom made, which takes time en makes it costly.

The knife handle that needs repair is 99% of the time been destroyed by hundreds of cycles in a hot dishwasher and attacked by strong detergents. Many people don’t realise but putting a knife in the dishwasher is not such a good idea. From a sharpness perspective the heat is bad enough to lose the edge quickly. Handles even fitted with rivets don’t benefit from the dishwasher. For the longevity of a knife washing it by hand with detergent is best.

Caring for you knife handle timber is best done with beeswax or boiled linseed oil. If the timber is not sealed, give it a light sand before applying these products. After this the timber grain stands out more and is protected.

Custom knife handle
Yo Handle made from Tasmanian Blackwood

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  • John Phillips August 18, 2023   Reply →

    Looking for someone to replace my bone handles on a carving set thankyou

    • Tom Belien August 19, 2023   Reply →

      HI John,

      if you want a specialist team to do this look at the cutlery hospital

      otherwise knife makers in New Zealand can help you. stackhouse knives, Kiwi blades and others

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