Sakai Kikumori Kikuzuki Kuro Yanigiba 270


About Sakai Kawamura:


As part of diligent work and study, Kawamura Hamono was founded in the centre of the old city of Sakai. Since then, our company has tirelessly produced knives that satisfy eyes of the most critical experts for nearly 100 years. Because we are a small company, we are proud that we can continue respond to precise requests with the highest level of quality. Since the time of Kawamura Suetezõ, the founder of our company, the mark of “Sakai Kikumori ” has been proof of an unwavering reliability and sincerity. Food cut with a sharp knife tastes better, and a good knifes easy to sharpen and last longer. Above all, we promise to always offer exceptional knives that are a genuine pleasure to use.

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Technical description :


Steel: Shirogami #2 carbon steel with carbon cladding

Blade length: 260 mm

Blade height: 33 mm

Weight:175 gram

Handle: lacquer finished octagonal Ho wood with black pakka

single edged blade for right handed user only


Very well crafted knife, the forging, grind and finishing. Made from Yasugi speciality steel white 2 steel.

The design is based on ease of use, reflecting the requirements of professional chefs in the finest details. Their keen edges and highly functional designs make them perfect culinary companions.



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